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Lyrics: Control

We’ve got a wealth of treasure, yeah we’re sitting on gold.
But no one knows it’s there, because it’s living in a hole.
Get people through the door, that seems to be the goal,
I think the Holy Spirit better come and take CONTROL.
Don’t aim to build ‘A Church’ – aim for the people to grow,
everyone involved – joining hands young and old.
Breaking down the walls, yo, let’s get up and GO
where the raging rivers flow, let’s go and save each soul.

Inspired by this week’s church vision weekend.

Next random word is EXAM

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Lyrics: Poverty

People getting ready, yo, to start on the grind
– and keep their heads up above the POVERTY line.
Run out of money then you gotta pay a fine,
living day-to-day, but running out of time.

Next week the random word is – control

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