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Lyrics: Fatigue

I’m moving fast – shake the dust from my feet.
I roll from the dawn to the dusk – no FATIGUE.
Y’all up in my face, it’s like I can’t breathe,
but I’m going hard, yo, so boy better believe.

Next word to rap with: Lunatic

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Lyrics: Scream

People are hurting – they need more than a plaster.
The World’s out of control, spinning faster and faster.
Technological progress, and money’s the master.
Hold tight, SCREAM if you wanna go faster.

Next week the random word with which to rap at least four rhmying lines is TOUR

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Lyrics: FLEET

I’m not fast on my feet, but I’m FLEET on the beat.
deliverable edible syllables so sweet
In my mouth meet, then leave through my teeth.
Tasting a treat as you creep through the heat.

Next week’s random word: PUBLICITY

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Lyrics: BOTTLE

Nothing too special this week, which is a shame after the last 3 bangers.

You’re living life full-throttle, yeah, riding hard in 5th gear.
Gotta lotta BOTTLE, ha, saying how you have no fear.
Nothing held dear, not your job or your career.
Just life non-stop, wind whistling in your ear.

Strangely, next week’s random word with which to get rapping is: SNAIL!

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Lyrics: CANE

Cannot help but be influenced by my fave SWAY on this speed themed one:

Seatbelt – click, click. Engine revving – tick, tick.
Right hand up on the steering wheel, left hand on the gearstick.
Wheels spin spinning like slick slick. Pedal to the metal I’m quick quick.
Making noise in ya ends, gonna CANE it round the bends. I’m gonna make ya sick sick.

Next weeks word: FIRE

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