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Lyrics: Poem

There’s love in the lyrics, but it’s not a POEM or a sonnet.
Scratch me up a fat beat, and I’ll go and jump up on it.
Go wild, scream, yeah, let me know how much you want it,
as I stream through the air, ’cos I’m feeling supersonic.

Next word to rap with is THEATRE

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Lyrics: Meadow

She be looking tasty, yeah, she’s sweet like Ribena.
Got ya weak at the knees, folded like a concertina.
You don’t have to act on it though, just because you’ve seen her,
’cos in the other MEADOW yo, the grass ain’t always greener!

Next word to rap with is RIOT

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Lyrics: Emerald

Move in closer, let your heart rate rise.
I see a sparkle of light in your EMERALD eyes.
Corners of your mouth turn up, and point to the skies.
It’s real, you feel it, your face never lies.
Blood rushes faster as my heart flies.
One in a million, you can’t disguise,
we work well together, yo, it’s no surprise.
True love lives forever, no it never dies.

Next week’s random word is LUNCH

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Lyrics: Saxophone

I love the lilt of your voice, and your warm friendly tone –
like the silky smooth sounds of a SAXOPHONE.
Can’t get enough – yeah, like a dog with a bone.
I keep calling just to hear your answerphone.

Next week the random word to rap with is NOTE

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Lyrics: Bin

My dearest friend at work leaves in two weeks, this is for her:

I’ve seen your brightness, your sparkle within.
Eyes full with lightness, sly, cheeky grin.
Working together, we’ve been close like twins,
down for whatever, yo, through think and thin.
We’re starting to part, a new season to begin.
Following your heart for a new life with him,
just if you know it ain’t right, please stick it in the BIN,
but I’ll fight by your side if you’re in it for the win.

Next random word to rap with is ‘curtain’

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Lyrics: Plaster

You think you’re in love, but who’s the real master?
Been blown away by Cupid’s space blaster.
Your heart groans and aches, but it just breaks faster,
can’t fix this, with a little sticking PLASTER.

Next week the random word to rap with is BIN

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Lyrics: Thief

Your loving is a great gift, you’ve gotta be smart.
There’s no race to give it away, don’t make a false start.
Emotions riding high, yeah they’re shooting off the chart.
Don’t cry tears for years by letting some THIEF steal your heart.

Next week’s random word is PLASTER

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Lyrics: Decoy

Not sure what this is all about, but it sounded good walking home in the mist on Halloween.

Dancing to the thunder sound – unreal hype bass.
Down in the underground, concealing your face.
Employ a DECOY to take your place.
In the heart of the darkness, your souls embrace.

Next week the random word we have to rap with BURGER.

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