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So, my challenge was to rap 4 lines that rhyme using the random word of TROUSERS. Then my friend Magic bet I couldn’t use it as the last word. Here we go:

I got a champions pedigree, like Stevie G and the red scousers,
Block-rocking beats, all the streets know where my house is!
Worldwide, you can’t hide, I’m on all the web browsers.
Been writing rhymes, since before you wore your short TROUSERS!

Yeah! Next weeks random word is: SUGAR

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Lyrics: OPERA

Like the OPERA fat lady, yeah you gonna hear my singing!
Ears be ringing from the heaviness I’m bringing.
Murder she wrote, It’s your vote I’ll be winning –Booooom, got all four judges chairs spinning!!

Next weeks very random word to rap with: TROUSERS

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My lyrics got good HYGIENE, they’re mostly clean.
No curses in the verses, dirty or obscene.
Profanity insanity, nah that ain’t my scene.
Suitable for all, not just over 18.

Next week’s random word for rapping: OPERA

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LIPSTICK on, red, ready to turn their heads.
Hair, nails – done, now an hour u been out of bed.
Choose shoes, handbag too, ready to go make that bread
Look out world, here come the girls – they’re gonna leave you for dead!

Next weeks random word for some rapping with: HYGIENE

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You’re spouting a FOUNTAIN of torrential abuse,
Your explicit acidic lyrics are no use
F-bombing, veins popping – there’s no excuse
I’m follically challenged but you’re morally loose
Your battery’s flat, it’s a fact – no juice.
We’re in the same game mate, let’s fix up a truce
the streets need peace, let your ego reduce
Let’s giggle and riddle, be like Dr Suess!

Next week’s random word to pop 4 lines of lyrical miracle with is: LIPSTICK!

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