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Lyrics: suicide

They say you can run, yeah, but you can’t hide.
Especially when the battle’s going on inside –
against deceit, greed, ego and pride –
trying to fight it by yourself is like SUICIDE.
Receive the peace, the release only God can provide.
He sent His son for everyone with arms open wide.
So much grace supplied, why would you wanna be denied?
In His love abide, or stay outside – it’s your choice, yeah, you decide.

For next week the random word is: observation

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Lyrics: TEAR

Back using the exploding teardrops theme again –

I hear the sound of His heavenly TEARdrops exploding
Falling down around on a world that’s imploding.
Our souls eroding, fear full foreboding.
What happened to the passion from that palm sunday He rode in?

Next week the random word for rapping is: SUICIDE

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Lyrics: DEGREE

Bit of a daft one this week. Inspired by some 90s dance tracks I caught on tv.

Hi my name is Simon, I like to get my rhyme on,
like the DEGREEs of Motion – gotta ‘Shine On‘.
I’m soul then hip-hop, sometimes get my grime on.
I play by the rules – never get my crime on.

Next week’s random word: TEAR

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Lyrics: ANKLE

I hit hard, in the way of the exploding fist.
Knock you off guard – spinning round – your ANKLE will twist.
Out of nowhere – we be guerrillas in the mist!
So stunning – you’re undone – another chance that you missed.

Next week the random word to rap with is DEGREE. Entries on a postcard please….

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Lyrics: Ransom

Why ya stealing my lyrics? Where’s my RANSOM note?
Thiefing the flow and the words I wrote.
The truth that I spoke, no, don’t misquote.
I’ll take back the rap, whack my hand down your throat.

Next week’s random word to rap with: ankle

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