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The SPEAKER, the tweeters, tweet tweet tweetin’
The bass so hard, get’s your heart beating
The track so hot, better turn down your heating
Get ready for the lyrics, no peeking, no cheating

Next word: COAT

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Lyrics: TAX

Listen up boys, better check your facts,
Playing out my tune, turn the bass up max
This track be so big, it pays it’s own council TAX
To cut it to a record needs a whole house of wax

Next word: SPEAKER

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Lyrics: BULB

They say the dark’s the only time you’ll ever see ghost
But I see them walking from coast to coast
Plug into the life of the light that ever glows
get switched on, before your BULB blows

Next word: TAX

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Lyrics: KIPPER

Pulled one over on ya, got done like a KIPPER
bouncing back and forth like a pinball flipper
Left you standing naked, like some cheap stripper
Get your ticket, it’s your time to leave, day tripper!

Next word: BULB

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