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Lyrics: Observe

Sitting by my window here, I watch and OBSERVE,
people going about their lives and it’s sublimely absurd.
A man with no home just sits alone at the kerb,
while people driving by him, just speed off round the curve.
People fighting for the rights they think they deserve,
while others out there struggle for their voice to be heard.
People hiding out of sight, too tired and hurt.
And some out working day and night – ’cos money they serve.

Next random word to rap with is dragon

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Lyrics: Hosepipe

They rush the stage hard, like water from a HOSEPIPE.
It’s The Rage living large – best believe that he’s the most hype.
‘Charles in Charge’, I’m the boss, I wear the three stripe.
You can bank on it – credit card? –  no need to swipe swipe.

Next random word to rap with is LOAF


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Lyrics: Balance

You need a healthy bank BALANCE, no slipping around.
Teetering on the edge, staring down at the ground.
Exchange rate pains for the dollar ’gainst the pound,
with my mind on my money, but no money to be found.

Next word to rap with is: shop

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Lyrics: Poverty

People getting ready, yo, to start on the grind
– and keep their heads up above the POVERTY line.
Run out of money then you gotta pay a fine,
living day-to-day, but running out of time.

Next week the random word is – control

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Lyrics: Scream

People are hurting – they need more than a plaster.
The World’s out of control, spinning faster and faster.
Technological progress, and money’s the master.
Hold tight, SCREAM if you wanna go faster.

Next week the random word with which to rap at least four rhmying lines is TOUR

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Lyrics: Spinach

I’ve somehow managed a second week of what my wife would call ‘Kanye rapping’ [from American Boy where he rhymes UK with you K]

I ain’t in the game to increase my brand up,
hit 10 grand up, a 5-year plan up.
I just need a beat to make people put their hands up
Burn real hot, yo, it’ll top your tan up.
No getting stressed, yo don’t wanna get your glands up.
Fly like Popeye, let’s open a SPINACH can up.
All for the truth, yeah you know I’m gonna stand up,
no backing down, it’s a time to man up.

The next random word to rap with is: tsunami

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Lyrics: Austerity

So, trying to put this together made me realise that I don’t really know that much about global economics and instead found myself replaying classic hip-hop rhymes about money.

We’ve got banker prosperity, government AUSTERITY, Cash Rules Everything Around Me – c-r-e-a-m!
Economic pressure rising – it’s hardly surprising – people uprising, letting off steam.
Pulling on the purse strings, it’s a time for first things, credit crunch-crunch surrounds me – scream.
With my mind on no money, and no money to call mine, climbing up the property ladder is just a dream.

Next week the random word for rapping with is PRANK.

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Lyrics: STAIN

This week’s random word, with which to rap at least 4 rhyming lines, was STAIN. Had one day where ‘Fancy’ by Iggy Azalea was stuck in my head, and ended up providing the beat for these beauties. Realy pleased with this week’s effort:

Your sin STAINed soul is in reverse.
Chasing the dream, you’ve been calling down a curse.
In too deep, you’re submerged and immersed.
Broke the bank now you’re stringing out your purse.
It’s bad for your health when you put yourself first.
Living the high life only makes it worse.
999 call a doctor or a nurse,
internal bleeding – you’ll be leaving in a hearse.

Next week the word to rap with is KITCHEN

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