Monthly Archives: September 2016

Lyrics: Synthetic

Mess with your body, then you better realise,
all these SYNTHETIC highs are just lies.
There’s emptiness dropped in your eyes,
you better open your mind and get wise.

Next week’s random word to rap with is graph

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Lyrics: Stardom

You’re out seeking STARDOM, chasing the fame.
15 Minutes with your face in the frame.
Wanna be amazed that people know your name,
but you gotta work hard to keep your place in the game.

Next week we rap with the word SYNTHETIC

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Lyrics: SHOP

A bit of an old school flavour this week:

I like to kick a little Hip with the Hop,
spitting out lyrics all over the SHOP.
Climbing from the bottom low, aim for the top,
I thought I told ya, yo, I ain’t gonna stop.

Next week’s word to rap with is STARDOM

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