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Lyrics: Blackboard

I’ve got more lines than Bart Simpson’s BLACKBOARD.
In my rhyme bank, you know I’ve got a fat hoard.
DJ drop the beat, bass play that low mad chord,
I’ll cut through the riddim with my super sharp rap sword.

Next week’s random word to rap with: Staple

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Lyrics: Hosepipe

They rush the stage hard, like water from a HOSEPIPE.
It’s The Rage living large – best believe that he’s the most hype.
‘Charles in Charge’, I’m the boss, I wear the three stripe.
You can bank on it – credit card? –  no need to swipe swipe.

Next random word to rap with is LOAF


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Lyrics: Theatre

Staying on the path is hard, avoiding the evil schemes.
In this surfaced based world, where nothing’s as it seems.
‘Til the scales fall from your eyes, and wide your face beams.
Then you’ll realise you’re in the THEATRE of dreams

Next [very] random word to rap with is HOSEPIPE

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Lyrics: ZIP

Loose lips sink ships, time to ZIP it up.
Slurring your words, absurd, come on spit it up.
Just keep tripping up, man go on give it up,
The Rage takes the stage, you know I’m gonna rip it up.

Next week’s word to rap with is Balance

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Lyrics: MUD

If you’ve been rattled by the battle, name dragged through the MUD,
bent bruised and buckled, knuckles covered in blood.
Fight your foes flow, head up above the flood,
and bring those giants down to the ground with a thud!

Next week I have to rap using the random word: Panther


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Lyrics: ARM

It’s all about the sultry siren man-eaters this week:

She’s got a wild smile, with her cherry lip balm,
one kiss from this lip’s gonna cause you harm.
Twisting your ARM with her hips and her charm,
best catch a cold shower kid, you gotta keep calm.

Next week’s random word to rap with: COMET

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Wake up, rise, get outta your pyjamin ya!
Eyes to the skies when the world tries damnin’ ya.
Gotta keep going yo, and show me some STAMINA,
Will you pass the test of the great examiner?

Next week’s word to rap with: Kite

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Wanted to try and do something to communicate the scandal that is the offer of grace that God has given us, and at the same time finish by quoting Misteeq. Wasn’t too bad:

God stepped out of heaven, became a man for us!
But we nailed him to a cross and made him hang for us.
Turned it around, made a way, a plan for us,
His love and grace – so, so, so, SCANDALOUS

Next week’s word to rap with: STAIRS


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