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Lyrics: Card

Something got you rattled? What is eating at your heart?
You seem a little hassled. I can see you’re battle scarred.
Life this side of heaven, mate, I know it can be hard,
but check Matthew 11:28 – Jesus’ calling CARD

Next word to rap with is SHOW

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Lyrics: Knit

Made by The Maker – His image we’ve worn,
KNITTED you together, before you were born.
Shouted out the song that called in your dawn.
Gotta tell the world – yeah – come on blow the horn.

Next week’s random word to rap with is florist

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Lyrics: Midwife

Been sitting on this for 2 weeks, keep forgetting to upload

Call the MIDWIFE we’re giving birth to something new.
A message that’ll bless ya – the best news for you.
Light up your life, cure all your blues.
Open up the door, ‘cos yo, we’re coming through.

Next random word to rap with is mistake

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Lyrics: Stone

I’ll make some noise, yeah I’ll sing and shout.
Praise the name of Jesus with each breath from my mouth.
Do it with clout, as I know without a doubt,
I don’t wanna be ashamed and have the STONES cry out.

Next week’s random word to rap with is referendum

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Lyrics: Basket

Bit late, sorry. Was off on holiday for a week.

I want people to see me with a smile on my face.
Some say I’m crazy – a real BASKET case.
Since the Lord saved me – overwhelmed by His grace –
I’ve been bringing the noise, we got joy in this place.

Next week the random word for rapping with is: CUFF

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Lyrics: Curtain

Bit late, but some lyrics that’d be suitable for Good Friday this week:

The forces of darkness, on the attack.
A final cry and the sky’s pitch black.
The CURTAIN ripped in two with a thunder crack,
now we all can go through, there’s no turning back.

Next week’s random word to rap with is: Immigrant

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Lyrics: Control

We’ve got a wealth of treasure, yeah we’re sitting on gold.
But no one knows it’s there, because it’s living in a hole.
Get people through the door, that seems to be the goal,
I think the Holy Spirit better come and take CONTROL.
Don’t aim to build ‘A Church’ – aim for the people to grow,
everyone involved – joining hands young and old.
Breaking down the walls, yo, let’s get up and GO
where the raging rivers flow, let’s go and save each soul.

Inspired by this week’s church vision weekend.

Next random word is EXAM

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Lyrics: Winner

Got a messed up, screwed up life, a dog’s dinner?
Weary, bleary, patience getting thinner.
A low down, sold-out, stone cold sinner.
Lose your life to Christ, yo, then become a WINNER!

Next random word is: decorate

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