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Lyrics: Smoke

Woah, so been a long time… here we go with Smoke though:

I see you laughing backstage, yeah, you think it’s a joke.
Lads talk, trash talk, blokes blokes bloke.
Thinking you’re the real thing, but I don’t do Coke,
trying to hide your nerves, ‘cos you don’t wanna choke.
Lights down, rhymes out, I’m going for broke.
you’re left in a daze in the trail of my SMOKE,
Stunned and amazed by the words that I spoke,
I’m unshakeable, standing strong like an oak.

Next word to rap with is: poem

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Lyrics: Show

The clock turns, tick tock, time’s running out.
The crowd roar and surge forward, ready for the bout.
Time to turn that whisper in your heart into a shout,
and go and SHOW all of these doubters what you’re all about.

Next word to rap with is licence

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Lyrics: Mistake

If you don’t know by now I’ll never fail, then wait a minute.
The prejudice you have for this – yo, I suggest you bin it.
I’ll riff on any rhythm that I’m given, let me spin it.
Make no MISTAKE mate, I’m in it to win it.

Next random word to rap with is BLISTER

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Lyrics: ZIP

Loose lips sink ships, time to ZIP it up.
Slurring your words, absurd, come on spit it up.
Just keep tripping up, man go on give it up,
The Rage takes the stage, you know I’m gonna rip it up.

Next week’s word to rap with is Balance

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Lyrics: Cuff

Freestyle, freak wild, spit quick off the CUFF.
Heat on the beat – sweet – are you fast enough?
New kid on the block – have you got the right stuff?
‘cos when the tough get going, yeah, the going get’s tough.

Next week the random word to rap with is saxophone

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Lyrics: Turtle

Underground, in the darkness, the sewers smell sour.
Rats and flies beneath the high-rise tower.
Zero love from past hell – the bad guys cower.
Heroes in a half-shell – they’ve got TURTLE power

Next week the random word is THIEF

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Lyrics: Juice

When the world’s squeezing on you, what do you produce?
Hard rock diamonds, or you flavoured JUICE?
See someone struggling? – give a bruv a boost.
Lend a helping hand, yeah, and loosen their noose.

Next random word to rap with is NOUN

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I’ll stand up to any rappers, yeah, who want’s to ruck?
Don’t wanna feel the heat – well, you’re out of luck.
Oh you missed the ball, you’ll be out for a duck,
while I’ll be stomping on the beat like a MONSTER truck.

Next week, the 200th random word to rap with is AUSTERITY.

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