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Lyrics: Dragon

The temperature is hotting up – intensity is getting higher.
The crowd roars, like lightning swords, to join force with the holy choir.
The dark side better run and hide, ’cos like a DRAGON, yo, I’ll spit fire.
We scream and shout, and cry out, for the return of The Messiah

Next week’s random word to rap with is FARM

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Lyrics: Tour

1 random word – 8 lines – 1 rhyme

— God’s Holy Spirit is on a world TOUR.
In the streets, in the beats. It’s fire flowing ‘cross the floor.
— What you going to church for?
Breaking out, through every house, meet where you’re at, free to explore.
— Time to make the world pure.
God has spoken, for the broken, calling at your soul’s core.
— Come on hear the lion roar!
On the rock  we’re standing sure. He’s already won the war.

The next random word is SOLE.

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Lyrics: MOON

Hold up, wait a minute, yeah. Let me jump on in it, as I kick it, sky’s the limit, bang zoom!
Eyes up, rise up, as the rocket fires up. Sky high heading for the MOON.
Let’s wise up, size up, beats hypnotise us, dropping bombs – tick tick boooom.
Running from the doom, bringing fire to the room. Assume nothing, ‘cos it’s coming real soon!

Next week the random word is: STAIN

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Lyrics: FIRE

Oops, bit late this week, due to Jubilee holidays and my boys birthday. This is dedicated to my little man.

Spending time with you, my super-son, is my desire
Such a strong love for you, feel’s like my heart’s on FIRE
Learning, growing, changing, funny-things just take me higher
I love you my little boy!! Happy Brithday Tiger!

Next week’s word: TV

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Lyrics: CANE

Cannot help but be influenced by my fave SWAY on this speed themed one:

Seatbelt – click, click. Engine revving – tick, tick.
Right hand up on the steering wheel, left hand on the gearstick.
Wheels spin spinning like slick slick. Pedal to the metal I’m quick quick.
Making noise in ya ends, gonna CANE it round the bends. I’m gonna make ya sick sick.

Next weeks word: FIRE

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