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Lyrics: Hosepipe

They rush the stage hard, like water from a HOSEPIPE.
It’s The Rage living large – best believe that he’s the most hype.
‘Charles in Charge’, I’m the boss, I wear the three stripe.
You can bank on it – credit card? –  no need to swipe swipe.

Next random word to rap with is LOAF


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Lyrics: ZIP

Loose lips sink ships, time to ZIP it up.
Slurring your words, absurd, come on spit it up.
Just keep tripping up, man go on give it up,
The Rage takes the stage, you know I’m gonna rip it up.

Next week’s word to rap with is Balance

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Lyrics: Spotlight2

Oops, forgot I’ve already had SPOTLIGHT before. Need to remember to keep checking my index page.

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing ‘The Rage’
I’ve got a new message for this new mess age.
Been set free, I’ve escaped from the cage,
bringing new colour to your life of beige.
Fools, Romans, Countrymen – listen, engage,
I’m rewriting the rules, tearing up a new page.
Bringing the heat – check your temperature guage,
get the SPOTLIGHT ready – I’m taking centre stage.

Next random word – Poverty

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Lyrics: LOOP

Caught an amazing documentary about Grime on Channel 4 the other week [see here if you’re quick]. The attack and pace of the lines was the inspiration this week. Really quite pleased with this, although I’m not daring to compare myself with Kano, Dizzee and the boys.

Lacing up layers, all the LOOPS in a stack.
Bass for the players, cut the groove in the scratch.
Blowing ya speakers in the boot at the back –
kick, kick, bass, snare and hi-hat.
Riding the rhythm its The Rage on attack,
fly – it’s a given – high like you’re on smack
colours not hidden, out the box like a Jack.
Snap, like a crack, bruise ya crew blue and black.
Ducking and diving but no quack quack quack.
Bank account details I’ll hack hack hack,
not your iPhone photos though, they’ll be wack
Seconds thought, nah, I’ll take another tack.
Can’t nobody stop me on the track,
tooled up, schooled up, nothing that I lack.
Rack ’em up, pack ’em up, poised for hijack
People get ready – it’s return of the Mack.

Next week we need to get rapping with: ASHES

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