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Lyrics: Control

We’ve got a wealth of treasure, yeah we’re sitting on gold.
But no one knows it’s there, because it’s living in a hole.
Get people through the door, that seems to be the goal,
I think the Holy Spirit better come and take CONTROL.
Don’t aim to build ‘A Church’ – aim for the people to grow,
everyone involved – joining hands young and old.
Breaking down the walls, yo, let’s get up and GO
where the raging rivers flow, let’s go and save each soul.

Inspired by this week’s church vision weekend.

Next random word is EXAM

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Lyrics: Tour

1 random word – 8 lines – 1 rhyme

— God’s Holy Spirit is on a world TOUR.
In the streets, in the beats. It’s fire flowing ‘cross the floor.
— What you going to church for?
Breaking out, through every house, meet where you’re at, free to explore.
— Time to make the world pure.
God has spoken, for the broken, calling at your soul’s core.
— Come on hear the lion roar!
On the rock  we’re standing sure. He’s already won the war.

The next random word is SOLE.

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A MESSENGER on a mission, gotta take it far and wide,
tell the whole world, yo I can’t keep it inside.
From God’s love, you can run, but you can never hide,
sent His son for everyone – Jesus the Christ, who died.
So, Church rise up in beauty, come on, let’s be His bride,
You and me in unity, put differences aside.
Gotta move on, up off your backside, let’s kill this fungicide,
Scream and shout, let it all out, get the message multiplied!

Next week’s random word to rap with: BAR

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Pleased with this week’s one. I’m not a massive Coldplay fan, but they were a nice way to finish the WATERFALL random word rap challenge:

Life’s much harder then they taught at school,
my glass ain’t half empty – it’s two quarters full.
I’ve got a great son, and my daughter’s cool,
and I’m living for the one who came and bought us all.
Gave my life to Him at the altar call,
heart beating hard, nearly audible.
Spirit filled the place up, from wall-to-wall,
with teardrops exploding like a WATERFALL.

Next week’s random word to rap with: STAMPEDE

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Lyrics: SEARCH

You spit at me your liturgy – nonsensical stuff.
Who you reaching with your preaching? is your teaching enough?
While you people in here ‘churching it up’, there’s people SEARCHing for love,
in a world that’s tough, yo, what’s up?!

Next week’s random word to rap some line with is SNAP

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