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Lyrics: Oyster

So, I guess it’s only fair that it’s about my lovely daughter this week:

You’re so awesome, you’ve got my heart in a whirl.
Got me under your spell with every blonde curl.
How on earth did I make such a beautiful girl?
I guess it’s like an OYSTER creating a pearl.

Next week I gotta rap about PARADISE

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Lyrics: Observation

More lyrics inspired by the genius of my lovely daughter.

On the swing your hair blows back and forth in the breeze.
You look all slim in disposable nappies.
You want something real bad, and then you say please.
Say goodnight to the boys with a kiss and a squeeze.
Joining mum and me with our cup of teas.
On the ‘chevilon’* watching Peppa or Tellytubbies.
It lights up my life, OBSERVATIONs like these,
helps melt my heart and brings me to my knees.

*Alyssa speak for television

Next week the word for rapping genius is: CHEQUE

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A celebration of my daughter this week, although strictly speaking it’s two months early:

Two years ago, a new life did start.
Our family unit grew a new part.
Joy out of this world – baby girl you’re off the chart!
I’ll celebrate your BIRTHDAY, ‘Bay’, with all my heart.

Ooh, next week’s random word is almost completely opposite: Coffin


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Pleased with this week’s one. I’m not a massive Coldplay fan, but they were a nice way to finish the WATERFALL random word rap challenge:

Life’s much harder then they taught at school,
my glass ain’t half empty – it’s two quarters full.
I’ve got a great son, and my daughter’s cool,
and I’m living for the one who came and bought us all.
Gave my life to Him at the altar call,
heart beating hard, nearly audible.
Spirit filled the place up, from wall-to-wall,
with teardrops exploding like a WATERFALL.

Next week’s random word to rap with: STAMPEDE

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Lyrics: MAGNET

A physical attraction, chemical reaction, when I’m with you baby it’s like I’m MAGNETised.Your little cute face, moving with such grace, like Debbie Gibson sang – I get lost in your eyes.
Never knowing what you’ll do, every day something new. You’re learning so much, each day I’m surprised.
Rolling on the bed, putting lettuce on your head – I can’t get enough, I’ve been ‘Alyssa’ised!

Next week’s random word to rap with: BARGAIN

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Lyrics: LOOK

Ah man, had a week off and time escaped me and I failed again. Have been sitting on these lyrics for a week but never got around to finally typing them up. I dunno if they’re worth the wait, and my baby girl has taken over again…..

You’re so good LOOKing with your big blue eyes,
cutey little toes and your squidgy thighs.
Your giggles and your screams and your little sighs
how you impress me next is always a surprise.

Next week’s word for rapping with is: CONQUER

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Lyrics: SUGAR

Was really very tempted to try and do something featuring Alan Sugar as The Apprentice starts this week, but over the last week have been thinking a fair bit about my daughters name – Alyssa – and how much I love it, and that’s what was the catalyst for this weeks rapping.

Like SUGAR, the sound of your name is sweet on my lips,
my life never been the same since our first kiss.
One boy, one girl, what can be better than this?
I got my little man Aaron, and my sweet babe Alyss’!

Next week’s random word to rap with – OATH

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Lyrics: ROSE

My baby girl just rocks my world, her smile is such a treat.
Anything within her reach, she’ll grab and try to eat.
My little ’Lyssa Aimes’, beautiful from head to feet.
A ROSE by any other name wouldn’t smell as sweet.

Next week’s random rapping word is: COMB

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