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I’ve gone all old school this week:

I could do the CATERPILLAR*, but never the windmill.
The ultimate breakdance move eludes me still.
Back in the day with things were really ‘skill’ –
Graffiti dub throw-ups, fat-cap for the fill,
Bang-Bang boogie, with groovy Sugarhill,
Adventures of Flash on the wheels of steel,
The human beatbox on the mircophone grill
all for rockin’ the party, not the dollar-dollar bill.

*also know as ‘the worm’

Next week’s word: SUBURB


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Lyrics: CARROT

Committed to the game,’cos yo you people need me,
don’t use a CARROT and stick to try and lead me.
I ain’t no donkey, you better believe me,
One step at a time, yo don’t be greedy.
The righteous path, ain’t always speedy,
follow the footsteps of the one who freed me.
Take a bite of the light of life – that’s what feeds me.
Leave you all lost in wonder, like Stevie!

Next week’s random word: CATERPILLAR

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