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Lyrics: Epidemic

It’s the apathetic EPIDEMIC, everybody’s getting struck.
Sitting round, being bored, thinking that their lives suck.
No hope, smoking dope, no job and out of luck.
When your time’s passed, and you can’t be arsed, where the hell d’ya think you’ll end up?

Next week’s word to rap with: MAGNET

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I only like a handful of sports, and I play football when I’m on tennis courts.
I’ve got a Peugeot that keeps me on the go, but you know, yeah, I’d rather have a Porsche.
Don’t want movies arty, I like House Party rapping with Kid ‘n’ Play and Full Force.
I love COTTAGE pie, yeah I’d eat it ’til I die, but I want it made of beef yo, not horse.

Next week’s word: EPIDEMIC

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