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Lyrics: MAGNET

A physical attraction, chemical reaction, when I’m with you baby it’s like I’m MAGNETised.Your little cute face, moving with such grace, like Debbie Gibson sang – I get lost in your eyes.
Never knowing what you’ll do, every day something new. You’re learning so much, each day I’m surprised.
Rolling on the bed, putting lettuce on your head – I can’t get enough, I’ve been ‘Alyssa’ised!

Next week’s random word to rap with: BARGAIN

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Lyrics: HOUR

Super wife with super powers, getting up at unearthly HOURS,
Piles of nappy towers, shoulders stained with milky sours.
So much effort put in for this beautiful girl of ours,
Please accept this offering as a big bunch of rap flowers!!!


Next week’s random word to rap with: MERMAID!

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