Lyrics: BOTTLE

Nothing too special this week, which is a shame after the last 3 bangers.

You’re living life full-throttle, yeah, riding hard in 5th gear.
Gotta lotta BOTTLE, ha, saying how you have no fear.
Nothing held dear, not your job or your career.
Just life non-stop, wind whistling in your ear.

Strangely, next week’s random word with which to get rapping is: SNAIL!

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One thought on “Lyrics: BOTTLE

  1. MC Screwdriver says:

    Power from above invading my empire of man
    Grants me energy you can’t get from bottle or can
    The one who gives me life, I wanna be his biggest fan
    He’s with me till the end , there from when time began
    All I want is to be included in his clan
    Forget my old ways, get in line with his plan
    Follow in his footsteps from here to Japan
    Making me pure white from black as tan

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