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Lyrics: Poverty

People getting ready, yo, to start on the grind
– and keep their heads up above the POVERTY line.
Run out of money then you gotta pay a fine,
living day-to-day, but running out of time.

Next week the random word is – control

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Lyrics: Voting

Questions posed, lies exposed,
the candidates all go toes to toes.
Manifestos, been composed,
exit polls have people engrossed.
Some people stood up and opposed,
other just sat back and they dozed.
Views and values all juxtaposed,
X marks the spot, but VOTING‘s now closed.

Next week the random word to rap with is SURGEON.

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Lyrics: Austerity

So, trying to put this together made me realise that I don’t really know that much about global economics and instead found myself replaying classic hip-hop rhymes about money.

We’ve got banker prosperity, government AUSTERITY, Cash Rules Everything Around Me – c-r-e-a-m!
Economic pressure rising – it’s hardly surprising – people uprising, letting off steam.
Pulling on the purse strings, it’s a time for first things, credit crunch-crunch surrounds me – scream.
With my mind on no money, and no money to call mine, climbing up the property ladder is just a dream.

Next week the random word for rapping with is PRANK.

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Lyrics: Parliament

The PARLIAMENT charlatans, are the fools making the rules.
Cut costs in all the hospitals, and overfilling schools.
It’s public schoolboys making all noise in Westminster’s halls.
Speak on our behalf, don’t make me laugh, it’s them making the calls.

Next week the random word is SHAPE

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Lyrics: LABEL

Trying to be the best, sitting at the top table.
Legendary artist, like some myth or fable.
Greatest of all time, yeah?, can you wear that LABEL?
Or are you building yourself too high, like the Tower of Babel?

Next week’s random word to rap with: VALUE

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Lyrics: COMET

Some live like a COMET – leave a trail of dust,
try to bring down the system – ‘cos they’re failing us.
So proud they’ll bust, fuelled by power and lust,
hear the sound of disgust at their abusing our trust.

Next week’s word: MOTEL

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Been sitting on this for a couple of days and was unable to log-in to wordpress to add it. Turned out it was my clock that was wrong on the computer!! In the vein of all those music artists who complain about record labels etc:

Ya hair done, outfit on for your PUBLICITY shot
yeah, you’re looking hot, go and show ’em what you got.
Now you’re on top, been increasing your stock
soon everybody gonna want a piece of your pot

next week: arm


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Lyrics: REBEL

I’ve somehow managed to end up with a rap about Twitter this week. Liked the idea of liking it to having 140 soldiers ready to go and fight. It’s my fave one for a few weeks. Hope you like it:

We move in the shadows, away from lights and cameras.
Underground network, there’s no way you’re catching us.
Instant communication, new nation, early adaptors.
Starting a REBELLION with 140 characters.

Next week’s random word: BIRTHDAY [comes a week early for me]



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