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Lyrics: Jump

[Kinda cheating here as I’ve taken an 8 bar break I was preparing for the gospel choir I’m in, and just used the first half of that.]

We’re coming through, and we’re gonna JUMP on that.
We drop the groove down, here, on that funk track.
Watch out y’all, we’re going on attack,
and I wanna see you move, from the front to the back.

Next word to rap with is CLOUD

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Lyrics: BAR

What you shouting about? You’re starting to perspire.
Yeah, you’re spitting BARS, but I’m raising it higher.
Make a brand new sound, in praise to the Messiah,
King – call Him sire, fill up with His fire.
I praise His holy name, never ever retire,
making noise, I’ll rejoice, with the heavenly choir.
Getting loud in the clouds, Halos, wings and lyre.
Praise for all my days, and yo they’ll never expire!

Next week the random word for rapping with is: MERIT

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