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Lyrics: Lunch

A liquid LUNCH in a can ain’t no way to get by.
Red Bull gives you wings, yeah, but watch how you fly.
Soaring up fast, super high in the sky,
too close to the sun ain’t no fun if you fry.

Next week the random word to rap with is meadow

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Lyrics: SALAD

Salad!? Took a while to know where to start with this one. Was thinking of summer as it’s just started to get hot here. I don’t really like salad much, except beetroot and lettuce. Starting thinking of ‘crunchy’ and ‘cripsy’ and ended up taking the beat inspiration from  TIPSY by JKwon rather than Frisky by Tinie.

It’s hot – sun’s out – got ya guns out. Teens with their tongues out, getting all frisky.
Mid tempo beats, smooth and sweet. Like a SALAD yo, keep it fresh and cripsy.
Beach nice with ya drinks on ice, then ‘everybody in the club getting tipsy’.
Lazing on the sand, sun blazing on ya tan. Mind unravels – travelling like a gypsy.

Wanna join in and add a verse? Just hit the comments tab….

Next week our random word for rapping with is EGYPT [!?]

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Lyrics: FROTH

Using this week’s word to rant slightly about the massive increase over the last 10 years of poncy coffee drinking habits. It’s just a drink man!!!

I like my coffee slightly FROTHY, and of the instant kind.
Keep your Costa/Starbucks stuff – it’s just a waste of time.
All that “Tall, flat, skinny, black” chat is nonsense to my mind.
Absurd, getting worse, it’s almost perverse – like the toffs and their fine wine.

Next week’s random word for you hip-hop-heads: SCANDAL

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Lyrics: TRAP

Y’all sitting round in your club, eating and drinking.
Laughing and winking, glasses all clinking.
Stuck in a rut, yo you’re TRAPPED in your thinking,
You ain’t even noticed, but your ship’s steady sinking.
Stars not twinkling, ideas stinking,
better wipe your eyes, it’s time to start blinking.
More than an inkling, your influence is shrinking.
Drawing up your plans, but your pen has got no ink in.

Next week we need to rap about “MESSENGER”s

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