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Top Ten Tunes 2013

Alright gang, thought I’d post my top-ten tunes I’ve been listening to this year. They’re not all necessarily from this year, but have made up the soundtrack to my 2013. Not all rap tunes by any means, but an insight into the listening pleasures I enjoy.

10: Sway – No Sleep.
I like the beat to this, and I really like the KSI verse. Hadn’t heard of him before this. Sway is easily my favourite rapper and am looking forward to the album finally coming in 2014.

9: Tyler James feat Kano – Worry about you
Fantastic tune, really catchy hook. Great to have a bit of Kano back in my ears.

8: Jacob banks – something beautiful
This guy has a stunning voice. I read about him in 1883 magazine and went and checked him out.

7: Nina nesbitt – statues
The amazing Nina Nesbitt took over mine and Aaron’s life in 2013. This is beautiful and the video is gorgeous too.

6: Ellie Goulding – Burn
Best dance track I’ve heard in ages. Verse 2 is cracking on the first two fast lines. This would be so brilliant to drop into in the middle of a worship tune in church!

5: Bruno Mars – Treasure
What a tasty chunk of funk. Again, verses are great. really fun to sing them.

4:  Billy Joel – The longest time
Brought to my attention thanks to appearing in a Glee episode. Like ‘treasure’ above, it’s a song I sing to my daughter.

3: Beth Croft – Arms of Grace
Great worship song. It’s all about the bridge!!

2: Sway and Kano – Still Sway and Kane
Monster monster tune! Apart from Kano’s potty mouth, I actually think he edges it on this. I like the way he varies his flow over the verse. Shame they never got to release it properly. This looked a cert to take the number 1, until …….

1: Nina Nesbitt – Way in the world
She really did just take over my ears from the second half of the year. Upbeat with a lovely sunny and fresh video. Just a ‘pop’ tune, but, this was the real moment Nina cemented her place in my life heh heh!!

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Like Whitney, I need a couple of decent bodyguards
increased SECURITY, a fleet of bulletproof cars.
I got magic from the stars, mad treasure like Bruno mars,
and I be rolling with a whole truck load of gold bars!

Next week’s rap word: LOOK

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