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Lyrics: Chameleon

Unnoticed, moving in the shadows, like a CHAMELEON blend into the scene.
Untouchable, feeling your presence grow, back and forth with the flow, still remain unseen.
People should’ve steered clear, now we know there’s fear here. Polluting the atmosphere, the air is unclean.
Race crimes, happening in these late times, people talking hate rhymes – lyrics they’re obscene.

Next week the random word to rap with is CREDIT

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Lyrics: EXILE

Don’t be scared people! Overcome those fears –

Put on a brave face, yeah give it your best smile,
though inside like a comet, your vomit feels projectile.
No retreat, no surrender, don’t wave the white textile.
make ya fears vanish, banish, enforce an EXILE!

Next week our random word to rap with is: encyclopedia!

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So what’s stalking you, what’s the fear you need to take down?
Own personal monster, whispering that fake sound.
What d’you need to CONQUER, it’s time to make a break now
and stand up to that old bully in your playground.

Next week’s word to rap with: WAVE

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