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Lyrics: LOOK

Ah man, had a week off and time escaped me and I failed again. Have been sitting on these lyrics for a week but never got around to finally typing them up. I dunno if they’re worth the wait, and my baby girl has taken over again…..

You’re so good LOOKing with your big blue eyes,
cutey little toes and your squidgy thighs.
Your giggles and your screams and your little sighs
how you impress me next is always a surprise.

Next week’s word for rapping with is: CONQUER

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Lyrics: ROSE

My baby girl just rocks my world, her smile is such a treat.
Anything within her reach, she’ll grab and try to eat.
My little ’Lyssa Aimes’, beautiful from head to feet.
A ROSE by any other name wouldn’t smell as sweet.

Next week’s random rapping word is: COMB

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