Like Daryl Hannah as a MERMAID, yeah I’m really gonna make a splash,
cut a real fine rhyme dash, ease through the grime like Flash.
My soul whole, you’re chasing the goal, still trying to make that ca-a-ash,
I’ll rock the casbah like The Clash, no I don’t stop til the cymbal crash!

Next week’s random word to rap with – CONFERENCE

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2 thoughts on “Lyrics: MERMAID

  1. Mel says:

    Here we go then – slightly improved from the version penned (in my head) at 3am!

    My knight in shining armour, his valiance displayed.
    Saw his wife distressed and stepped up to her aid.
    He has fire in his heart – not possible to raid.
    Though I complain he’s noisy – he’ll never be curtailed.
    One of a kind – he’s rarer than a MERMAID.
    And all my life, he’s the one for whom I prayed!

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