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Lyrics: Basket

Bit late, sorry. Was off on holiday for a week.

I want people to see me with a smile on my face.
Some say I’m crazy – a real BASKET case.
Since the Lord saved me – overwhelmed by His grace –
I’ve been bringing the noise, we got joy in this place.

Next week the random word for rapping with is: CUFF

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Lyrics: Oyster

So, I guess it’s only fair that it’s about my lovely daughter this week:

You’re so awesome, you’ve got my heart in a whirl.
Got me under your spell with every blonde curl.
How on earth did I make such a beautiful girl?
I guess it’s like an OYSTER creating a pearl.

Next week I gotta rap about PARADISE

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Lyrics: Package

My son was 6 a couple of weeks ago! This is for him, and just in time for Father’s Day too.

6 years ago it had only just begun,
came into my life and my heart you won.
Big brown eyes, and a smile to stun
all PACKAGED up in a bundle of fun.
It’s been 6 years and so much has been done
all the rumbles and games still keeping me young.
Blessed to bits by the gift of a son.
My top boy – second to none.

The random word for rapping with next week is OYSTER

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Lyrics: Goal

Back in the day, when I was young, I used to play out in the park all day, yeah on the slides and the swings.
Didn’t like the see-saw, maybe made my seat sore? But twisted on the roundabout, I love how it spins.
Playing footy, what a lark, early evening ’til it’s dark. Seventeen aside and yo, it’s next GOAL wins.
Sitting here I reminisce, all the carefree time I miss, life was so much simpler, now it’s cluttered up with things.

Next week the random word to rap with is: HELP!

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Lyrics: SALAD

Salad!? Took a while to know where to start with this one. Was thinking of summer as it’s just started to get hot here. I don’t really like salad much, except beetroot and lettuce. Starting thinking of ‘crunchy’ and ‘cripsy’ and ended up taking the beat inspiration from  TIPSY by JKwon rather than Frisky by Tinie.

It’s hot – sun’s out – got ya guns out. Teens with their tongues out, getting all frisky.
Mid tempo beats, smooth and sweet. Like a SALAD yo, keep it fresh and cripsy.
Beach nice with ya drinks on ice, then ‘everybody in the club getting tipsy’.
Lazing on the sand, sun blazing on ya tan. Mind unravels – travelling like a gypsy.

Wanna join in and add a verse? Just hit the comments tab….

Next week our random word for rapping with is EGYPT [!?]

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Lyrics: Carnival

Have you booked your place yet for the biggest party ever?

Hey, yo, it’s time for the CARNIVAL, let’s get excited!
Young or old, big or small, everyone’s invited.
Jesus died to save us all, your wrongs be righted,
don’t be a fool and leave this love unrequited.

<< feel like adding a verse? click on the comment tab.

Next week our random word for rapping is microscope.

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Lyrics: Observation

More lyrics inspired by the genius of my lovely daughter.

On the swing your hair blows back and forth in the breeze.
You look all slim in disposable nappies.
You want something real bad, and then you say please.
Say goodnight to the boys with a kiss and a squeeze.
Joining mum and me with our cup of teas.
On the ‘chevilon’* watching Peppa or Tellytubbies.
It lights up my life, OBSERVATIONs like these,
helps melt my heart and brings me to my knees.

*Alyssa speak for television

Next week the word for rapping genius is: CHEQUE

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A celebration of my daughter this week, although strictly speaking it’s two months early:

Two years ago, a new life did start.
Our family unit grew a new part.
Joy out of this world – baby girl you’re off the chart!
I’ll celebrate your BIRTHDAY, ‘Bay’, with all my heart.

Ooh, next week’s random word is almost completely opposite: Coffin


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