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Lyrics: Goal

Back in the day, when I was young, I used to play out in the park all day, yeah on the slides and the swings.
Didn’t like the see-saw, maybe made my seat sore? But twisted on the roundabout, I love how it spins.
Playing footy, what a lark, early evening ’til it’s dark. Seventeen aside and yo, it’s next GOAL wins.
Sitting here I reminisce, all the carefree time I miss, life was so much simpler, now it’s cluttered up with things.

Next week the random word to rap with is: HELP!

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Lyrics: SQUAD

Don’t wanna be a fringe member of the SQUAD,
I wanna be on the field showing what I got.
Starting eleven yo, striking while it’s hot.
Get one opportunity, I’m gotta take the shot.

Next week the random word fro rapping with is MOON

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aaah, failed again!!! Even though I was quite excited by this week’s random word, preparations for my son’s birthday took over and I never got beyond the first 2 lines [which are keepers!] or had time to write them up. Turned into a fun list of some of my fave things though….

Like thick yellow CUSTARD on a hot cherry pie,
you bring me comfort, make me feel warm inside.
My love for you, it is the greatest joy in life,
nothing else comes close, be as hard as they try:
TLC – No Scrubs, with the rap from Left-Eye,
or the Creep video, where they’re looking superfly.
Listening to Boyz II Men – Water Runs Dry,
or bouncing with the Luniz – telling me how they’ve got 5.
Marvin and Tammi singing “you’re all I need to get by
Jackson’s Smooth Criminal dressed all in white,
a sublime sunset, a yellow/orange painted sky,
or Lara Lewington doing the weather every night
A well designed font, with ligatures on the f i,
even football tennis, kicking the ball up real high!
You’re the top of the pile, like Sway at DCY
Happy Birthday son, I love you my special guy!!

Next week’s random word to rap with is WOOD

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Watching England play is like a ROLLERCOASTER ride
Twisting turning, stomach churning, stress on the inside.
Always dreaming, fans screaming, it’s three lions pride!
Penalty shoot-out boot out! Once again we’ve been denied.

Next weeks word: SURVEY

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