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Lyrics: Theatre

Staying on the path is hard, avoiding the evil schemes.
In this surfaced based world, where nothing’s as it seems.
‘Til the scales fall from your eyes, and wide your face beams.
Then you’ll realise you’re in the THEATRE of dreams

Next [very] random word to rap with is HOSEPIPE

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Lyrics: Midwife

Been sitting on this for 2 weeks, keep forgetting to upload

Call the MIDWIFE we’re giving birth to something new.
A message that’ll bless ya – the best news for you.
Light up your life, cure all your blues.
Open up the door, ‘cos yo, we’re coming through.

Next random word to rap with is mistake

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Lyrics: Pill

Red PILL, blue PILL, which you gonna swallow?
Can’t catch the white rabbit – better just follow.
Dare you wake up from a life so hollow?
Come alive in the light or just wallow in your sorrow?

Next week’s random word to rap with is STONE

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Lyrics: Graph

Don’t need a polyGRAPH to show that you’re lying.
You know in your heart it’s the truth you’re denying.
Deceitful people – ruthless – will leave you crying,
but they’ll still fear the roar of a toothless lion.

Next week we rap with the word – Skirt

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Lyrics: Immigrant

I live in England, and in 2 months time we have to vote whether to leave to EU or remain a part of it. I’m not feeling too clued up about it all really, so these lyrics are my confession about that. Some people are using immigration as a big issue within the vote, so that was the starting point when the word came up.

I’m ignorant on IMMIGRANTS,
although the vote is imminent.
I’ve gotta be more diligent,
rather than pleading innocent.
On the facts be vigilant,
are Euro sceptics militan?
Ignore the voice of dissidents,
could be something magnificent?

Next week, the random word to rap with is BASKET

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Lyrics: Voting

Questions posed, lies exposed,
the candidates all go toes to toes.
Manifestos, been composed,
exit polls have people engrossed.
Some people stood up and opposed,
other just sat back and they dozed.
Views and values all juxtaposed,
X marks the spot, but VOTING‘s now closed.

Next week the random word to rap with is SURGEON.

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Lyrics: Spinach

I’ve somehow managed a second week of what my wife would call ‘Kanye rapping’ [from American Boy where he rhymes UK with you K]

I ain’t in the game to increase my brand up,
hit 10 grand up, a 5-year plan up.
I just need a beat to make people put their hands up
Burn real hot, yo, it’ll top your tan up.
No getting stressed, yo don’t wanna get your glands up.
Fly like Popeye, let’s open a SPINACH can up.
All for the truth, yeah you know I’m gonna stand up,
no backing down, it’s a time to man up.

The next random word to rap with is: tsunami

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This week it’s the turn of my wife to be the inspiration for the lyrics:

Girl you’re looking so hot, you be climbing up the farenheits,
attraction, satisfaction, got me magnetised.
Need to cool down in the deep brown of your eyes,
being with you – that’s another day in PARADISE.
I love the soft warmth of your thighs,
and your curves all the right size.
Choosing you, that’s the proof I can be wise,
this is the truth, yo don’t analyze all the lies.

Next week the random word to rap with is MUD!

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