Happy 2015, was sitting on half of this over Christmas, here’s the full lines:

Gimme a badass beat to tear up the dancefloors,
a funk filled force, not four-to-the-floor.
Beat so loud – neighbours’ banging down the doors.
No jeers from the crowd, cheers, hear the APPLAUSE!
Try something different, I rhyme for a cause.
No rap battle wars, tit for tat, settle scores.
Treat the girls right, call ’em ladies not whores.
I’m living in the light. Why not stop and take a pause?

Next week’s random word to rap with: FIGURE

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One thought on “Lyrics: APPLAUSE

  1. MC Screwdriver says:

    Give it up, let’s hear it for the Son
    Bring on the applause for the things He has done
    Shout, sing, rap for the true and Holy One
    The time’s come for praise, so stop looking glum!

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