Lyrics: SPEAKER [2]

So, it turns out that I actually had ‘speaker’ as a random word before here! This time I’ve taken a different approach and ended up diving into the ‘ation’ ocean again.

I wanna be a SPEAKER to the nation,
raise a new generation with elation,
provide hope and anticipation – the promise of salvation
get a standing ovation from creation!
There’s no condemnation, it’s an open invitation
let’s meditate on this jubilation revelation.
Let’s get going, no slowing, I’m impatient
to start a celebration conversation.

So, they were lyrics number 99. Thanks to Clare and Magic for suggesting words, next week’s word to rap with is Clare’s suggestion of: RHUBARB!!Tim suggested ‘CENTENNIAL’ so maybe I’ll try and get some kind of 100 reference in there too. Let’s get rapping!!

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