Here we go with my 100th rhyme!
Just a reminder how this works: I get a randomly generated word, I then have to feature this word in a rap at least 4 lines long, however the 4 lines all need to rhyme with each other.
This week’s words specially chosen by Claire and Tim.

100 not out – it’s the Life of Rhyme CENTURY!
Rapping with the random words the computer sent to me.
No jibber-jabber babble like rappers do nonsensically
No RHUBARB-rhubarb rhymes, yeah I got more depth to me –
3-dimensionally. I read the Bible reg’larly
Light in my life, yo I rock Christ centrally.
Not written down, the rhymes flow mentally,
How does he do it? That’s the Mr Ray mystery!

Over to you Tim and Claire for YOUR lyrics please!!!!!
Next week’s randomly generate word with which to rap 4 lines is: DUSK

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3 thoughts on “Lyrics: RHUBARB / CENTURY

  1. wooglie says:

    Couldn’t find a way to get the two words into the same rap.

    Supposed to use rhubarb in this poetry
    I don’t like the stuff and I think it’s nasty
    But I never knew about it’s toxicity
    Eating the leaves can kill you apparently

    Ten squared rhymes, Ray’s done a century
    Making up rhymes on the internet weekly
    I’ve done some, but they are the minority
    It’s twenty-four seven, must be time to party!

  2. Clare says:

    Very impressive! But will pass on the rising to your challenge, thanks all the same. Cx

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