My lyrics got good HYGIENE, they’re mostly clean.
No curses in the verses, dirty or obscene.
Profanity insanity, nah that ain’t my scene.
Suitable for all, not just over 18.

Next week’s random word for rapping: OPERA

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One thought on “Lyrics: HYGIENE

  1. Mel says:

    He puts things in places that I can never find,
    His ideas of hygiene are of a ‘different’ kind!
    Very contrasting tastes when it comes to how we dine,
    and doesn’t get what I mean about ‘quality time’.

    He doesn’t understand when I’m gloomy and whine,
    He just wants a laugh, his world is sunny and fine!
    But the question I ask when I reach the max line:
    Would I rather live in his world, or without him in mine?

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