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Lyrics: Show

The clock turns, tick tock, time’s running out.
The crowd roar and surge forward, ready for the bout.
Time to turn that whisper in your heart into a shout,
and go and SHOW all of these doubters what you’re all about.

Next word to rap with is licence

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Lyrics: Stone

I’ll make some noise, yeah I’ll sing and shout.
Praise the name of Jesus with each breath from my mouth.
Do it with clout, as I know without a doubt,
I don’t wanna be ashamed and have the STONES cry out.

Next week’s random word to rap with is referendum

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I seem to be on some southern hip-hop crunk tip today. Someone needs to be shouting ‘OH’ at the end of every line.

Like kids in a PLAYGROUND, we gonna scream and shout, scream and shout!
Twisting round and round, head spinning like a roundabout.
A hopscotch, hip-hop. Back, back now turn around,
Side to side, left to right, we gonna turn it out no doubt!

Next week’s word: CLOAK

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