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Lyrics: Smoke

Woah, so been a long time… here we go with Smoke though:

I see you laughing backstage, yeah, you think it’s a joke.
Lads talk, trash talk, blokes blokes bloke.
Thinking you’re the real thing, but I don’t do Coke,
trying to hide your nerves, ‘cos you don’t wanna choke.
Lights down, rhymes out, I’m going for broke.
you’re left in a daze in the trail of my SMOKE,
Stunned and amazed by the words that I spoke,
I’m unshakeable, standing strong like an oak.

Next word to rap with is: poem

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Lyrics: Referendum

We got a REFERENDUM, and yeah the people spoke.
Have we wrecked it with Brexit, by going all for broke?
Thought it was a bad dream, til then Wednesday I woke,
and Donald Trump as president – ain’t just a Simpsons joke!

Next random word to rap with is ‘midwife’

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