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Lyrics: MORAL

Strong first four lines this week. Could’ve left it there but wanted to go for getting that risky last line in. Really not meant to be rude or racist, it’s based on my work colleague who joked that I’m a reverse Oreo – black on the inside, white on the outside.

I look around and I see people who are MORALLY slack,
compromised in their own eyes, and often spiritually flat.
Numerically fat, their pockets lined, they’re happy with that
But I got higher standards in my life, as matter of fact.
I try to live my life right and Biblically exact,
I love soul and hip-hop, yo especially the rap.
Sometimes fat rhymes, I’m rarely lyrically wack
and people can’t believe their eyes when I’m not physically black.

Next week’s random word to rap with: SNACK

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Lyrics: PROFIT

You know that I can’t stop it when I drop it, hip-hop it
lace the track, I jump up off it, yo ain’t nothing gonna top it.
Lock and body-pop it, like Herbie Hancock Rockit,
outta space – telescopic – I’m ro-bo-bo-bo-botic!
So hot like the tropics, yeah you know I drop the logic,
with rhymes so microscopic, sweet like Sugar PROFIT.
Journey like The Hobbit, my rhyme-bank I’ll rob it,
kick and karate-chop it, yeah, now all y’all people got it?!

Next week’s random word: moral


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