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Lyrics: Board

I’ve got a bone-shaking rhythm, to wake them from their graves.
Rocking every party, played at all the raves.
A sonic surfBOARD riding the soundwaves –
freedom from your boredom, releasing all the slaves.

Next week’s word to rap with is ‘card’

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Lyrics: STAIRS

This week it was all based around the 3rd line [which started out being the closing line] – the idea of having the dark secrets of your life that you don’t want people to see, which I think sometimes stops people from walking into the light.

You know that Jesus came to take away your burdens and cares.
Set us free and redeem us from our hurt and nightmares.
What’s the secret you keep hid, underneath the STAIRS?
Just release it, yo, speak it – a little truth and dare!

Next week’s word: Profit

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