Lyrics: Show

The clock turns, tick tock, time’s running out.
The crowd roar and surge forward, ready for the bout.
Time to turn that whisper in your heart into a shout,
and go and SHOW all of these doubters what you’re all about.

Next word to rap with is licence

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Lyrics: Card

Something got you rattled? What is eating at your heart?
You seem a little hassled. I can see you’re battle scarred.
Life this side of heaven, mate, I know it can be hard,
but check Matthew 11:28 – Jesus’ calling CARD

Next word to rap with is SHOW

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Lyrics: Board

I’ve got a bone-shaking rhythm, to wake them from their graves.
Rocking every party, played at all the raves.
A sonic surfBOARD riding the soundwaves –
freedom from your boredom, releasing all the slaves.

Next week’s word to rap with is ‘card’

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Lyrics: Riot

You ain’t never gonna hold me down, so don’t try it.
I was born loud and rowdy, not quiet.
The sound moving round the crowd – can’t deny it.
All up in the place, I’ll incite a RIOT

Next week’s random word to rap with is BOARD

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Lyrics: Meadow

She be looking tasty, yeah, she’s sweet like Ribena.
Got ya weak at the knees, folded like a concertina.
You don’t have to act on it though, just because you’ve seen her,
’cos in the other MEADOW yo, the grass ain’t always greener!

Next word to rap with is RIOT

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Lyrics: Lunch

A liquid LUNCH in a can ain’t no way to get by.
Red Bull gives you wings, yeah, but watch how you fly.
Soaring up fast, super high in the sky,
too close to the sun ain’t no fun if you fry.

Next week the random word to rap with is meadow

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Lyrics: Emerald

Move in closer, let your heart rate rise.
I see a sparkle of light in your EMERALD eyes.
Corners of your mouth turn up, and point to the skies.
It’s real, you feel it, your face never lies.
Blood rushes faster as my heart flies.
One in a million, you can’t disguise,
we work well together, yo, it’s no surprise.
True love lives forever, no it never dies.

Next week’s random word is LUNCH

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Lyrics: Florist

Everybody aiming to be something unique.
People trying to be popular at their peak.
In demand like a FLORIST is in valentines week,
don’t wanna be no outcast, loser or freak.
Just unwind your mind, yo, and let your heart speak.
Man up, come on stand up, no time to be weak.
Search inside and try to find the thing that you seek.
The future’s out there waiting, come on let’s take a peek.

Next week’s random word to rap with is EMERALD

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