Lyrics: Emerald

Move in closer, let your heart rate rise.
I see a sparkle of light in your EMERALD eyes.
Corners of your mouth turn up, and point to the skies.
It’s real, you feel it, your face never lies.
Blood rushes faster as my heart flies.
One in a million, you can’t disguise,
we work well together, yo, it’s no surprise.
True love lives forever, no it never dies.

Next week’s random word is LUNCH

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Lyrics: Florist

Everybody aiming to be something unique.
People trying to be popular at their peak.
In demand like a FLORIST is in valentines week,
don’t wanna be no outcast, loser or freak.
Just unwind your mind, yo, and let your heart speak.
Man up, come on stand up, no time to be weak.
Search inside and try to find the thing that you seek.
The future’s out there waiting, come on let’s take a peek.

Next week’s random word to rap with is EMERALD

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Lyrics: Knit

Made by The Maker – His image we’ve worn,
KNITTED you together, before you were born.
Shouted out the song that called in your dawn.
Gotta tell the world – yeah – come on blow the horn.

Next week’s random word to rap with is florist

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Lyrics – Blister

Start at the one, kick drum, then come bass.
I’ll attack the track at a BLISTERing pace.
Intergalactic rap trick from space.
Dumb struck, stunned – check that look on your face!

Next word to rap with is KNIT

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Lyrics: Mistake

If you don’t know by now I’ll never fail, then wait a minute.
The prejudice you have for this – yo, I suggest you bin it.
I’ll riff on any rhythm that I’m given, let me spin it.
Make no MISTAKE mate, I’m in it to win it.

Next random word to rap with is BLISTER

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Lyrics: Midwife

Been sitting on this for 2 weeks, keep forgetting to upload

Call the MIDWIFE we’re giving birth to something new.
A message that’ll bless ya – the best news for you.
Light up your life, cure all your blues.
Open up the door, ‘cos yo, we’re coming through.

Next random word to rap with is mistake

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Lyrics: Referendum

We got a REFERENDUM, and yeah the people spoke.
Have we wrecked it with Brexit, by going all for broke?
Thought it was a bad dream, til then Wednesday I woke,
and Donald Trump as president – ain’t just a Simpsons joke!

Next random word to rap with is ‘midwife’

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Lyrics: Stone

I’ll make some noise, yeah I’ll sing and shout.
Praise the name of Jesus with each breath from my mouth.
Do it with clout, as I know without a doubt,
I don’t wanna be ashamed and have the STONES cry out.

Next week’s random word to rap with is referendum

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