Lyrics: Republic

We’re the rhyme REPUBLIC, call us The Lyricists,
new wave, new day, ain’t no way to resist this.
Hip hop don’t stop ’til top of the spitters list
Let me see ya move, break, pop, spin and twist.
Stiff upper lip, that’s ‘cos I’m the Britishist,
I speak my own words, ain’t no ventriloquist.
Fly like the birds, enter into this mist
using the music, I’m the beat physicist.

Next week the random word to rap with is PRIZE

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One thought on “Lyrics: Republic

  1. MC Screwdriver says:

    Boom! Nice one! Really enjoyed that one!

    Here’s mine:

    Kingdom come into this town
    Republic of fear break down
    Love saves, don’t drown
    In the trouble all around
    Strong embrace does surround
    The true you will compound
    From the sky to the ground
    The King will be crowned
    A new destiny be found
    To the future we are bound

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