Lyrics: EGYPT

Had a week off, on holiday. sorry for the delay.

Writing on the walls of your mind, like an EGYPTian,
specific hieroglyphics – lyrical magician.
Incite a riot, write an act of sedition.
piecing up the beats complete street physician.

Next week the random word to rap with is: GOAL

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3 thoughts on “Lyrics: EGYPT

  1. wooglie says:

    Typo in the first line, “an EGYPTian” 🙂

  2. MC Screwdriver says:

    As slaves in the sun get all tanned
    The pyramids are made by human hand
    In the kingdom of Egypt built on sand
    From far or close they look real grand
    Pharaoh beholds the legacy planned
    For future generations of this land
    With barricades patrolled and walls manned
    Defend the land, against enemies withstand
    From them their lives we’ll demand
    Or their freedom take in remand

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