Lyrics: BEACH

A bit late this week, due to the busiest working week of my life taking over my brain. I’m quite pleased with this in the end:

Don’t wanna play the street life, I’d rather live the BEACH life –
Eat right, sleep tight, practice what I preach life.
Keep my speech and beats hype. My kids I’ve gotta teach right.
Receive Christ ‘cos He’s nice – my life He went and bleached white.

Next random word to rap with: Applause.
Might get it in before Christmas, we’ll see……..

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One thought on “Lyrics: BEACH

  1. MC Screwdriver says:

    I had a dream about a beach community
    Sand between my toes, sun setting beautifully
    Old man looks out, nodding approvingly
    He liked what he saw, presumably
    Turned to me and said, “Here’s your opportunity
    To turn sand of dreams to hopes of reality”
    He turned around and walked away from me
    I heard him in the distance whistling tunefully
    Then I woke up and put the dream to scrutiny
    Was I just asleep or was it reality?

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