Lyrics: Observation

More lyrics inspired by the genius of my lovely daughter.

On the swing your hair blows back and forth in the breeze.
You look all slim in disposable nappies.
You want something real bad, and then you say please.
Say goodnight to the boys with a kiss and a squeeze.
Joining mum and me with our cup of teas.
On the ‘chevilon’* watching Peppa or Tellytubbies.
It lights up my life, OBSERVATIONs like these,
helps melt my heart and brings me to my knees.

*Alyssa speak for television

Next week the word for rapping genius is: CHEQUE

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One thought on “Lyrics: Observation

  1. MC Screwdriver says:

    When the downfall comes there’ll be no power
    Watching for invaders from your observation tower
    Looters come with faces all dour
    Trust no-one, relationships sour

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