Lyrics: FEVER

Best one for a while this one. Really pleased with my Beiber line. Managed to get a Nina Nesbitt reference in too. Me and the boy have been going Nina craaaazzy over the summer.

I’m an on fire believer, so hot I give you a FEVER.
I follow Jesus yo, so you know, no I don’t pray to Shiva.
I got big teeth like a beaver, honest – no ‘tricks up my sleeve’-er
Don’t meddle with the devil, or the lies that he peddles, he’s an evil deceiver.
Graduated – I’m school leaver. No white dressing-room diva.
Miley’s now thrusting and there’s no trusting Justin Beiber ever.
Turn it up loud in your receiver, got assurance like Aviva
Just trying to find my way in the world, and you know I don’t stop like Nina!

Next week’s word of randomness with which we must craft some fine lyrics: SONG

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