Lyrics: CORK

C’mon pop a bottle, send the CORK sky high!
Raise up your glass ‘cos it be party time.
Bright lights shining, painting up the sky
We’ll be celebrating Christ this Christmas time!
Drinking mulled wine, and eating your mince pie,
I pray that you might find, the real reason why.
The Son of Man, the plan, so that no one may die,
God’s presence, more than any gift, can satisfy.

Next week’s random wor dot rap with: CASHIER

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One thought on “Lyrics: CORK

  1. Mel says:


    There’s playdough up the stairs, toy trains … I don’t know where!
    Shouts of ‘Don’t you dare’, and ‘Mummy it’s not fair!’,
    Not a moment to spare and I’m losing my hair,
    But I’d rather have it this way than be without a care –
    I’d never want to be without this very special pair!
    Soon these years will be gone; vanished into thin air,
    Precious moments can’t be CORKed, as far as I’m aware,
    I try to savour each moment, and trials – grin and bear.

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