One year!!

Well, it’s my one year anniversary of my random word rap challenge! Started in Aug 2011.

I feel like some of the earlier half were better as I seemed to have more time to hone them over the week. It’s been fun to do and I reckon I could probably perform maybe half of them properly without much practise trying to remember the flow.

This week’s verse is one of those where I’ve come up with the last line first and the rest of the lines then need to be built up to it. I find it interesting how each weeks verse is created. What drives it, wheter a certain rhyme that sounds nice, or a certain theme the word lends itself to etc

Rules recap:
– I get a random word each week
– have to write 4 lines that all rhyme with each other
– need to use the word [or variant of it] somewhere in the 4 lines, not necessarily at th end
– No swears

Thanks to those who’ve submitted ‘verses’ over the year. Let’s carry on and do some more!!!


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