Lyrics: SOW

I’m SOWing seeds of freedom and release.
A treat in the speech, a feast in the beats.
Word’s that I speak, increase in peace.
Negativities will freeze! – A beast in the streets!

Next word: SHOES

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4 thoughts on “Lyrics: SOW

  1. Left out a word in the third line:

    So you wanna be a rebel, go against the flow.
    You like being mean, don’t payback what you owe.
    You may like it now, but eventually you’ll know
    That later on in life, you’re gonna reap what you SOW.

  2. When you’re out for yourself, you’ll end up low.
    It’s giving that’s a better way to go.
    If you try it, it will definitely show –
    It’s true that you reap what you sow!

  3. Hadn’t seen yours when I posted Tim – much better than mine! :o)

  4. Si says:

    Yeah, check out you two with your “reap what you sow”s

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