The brothers trying to beat each other, in this game, in this game.
To reach the very top, yeah, is the aim, it’s the aim.
Chasing the awards, hungry for fame, with no shame.
Wanting the winners ENVELOPE to say their name. say their name.


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2 thoughts on “Lyrics: ENVELOPE

  1. Tim says:

    I was finding it hard, trying to cope
    When I received this red ENVELOPE
    It was a letter of grace, one of hope
    God wasn’t at the end of a telescope

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to get lycanthrope in there.

  2. What can you do with the problems that are strewn,
    All over your mind like a Batman cartoon?
    Can you dig a hole for them by a massive sand dune?
    Or put them in an ENVELOPE and send them to the moon?
    Maybe write them in a song ‘n’ sing it to a blues tune?
    No, best take them to your maker, who can help you very soon.

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