Lyrics: CRY

Little bit different this week, as I’ve been hugely influenced by the song Manifesto by City Harmonic this week. These lyrics could be dropped in after the piano intro when the guitar riff kicks in before the verse starts [on the original where it’s 8 bars, as opposed to here on the video which is shorter. But thought I’d better link to the official video]. It’s quite a slow song, so my lines are almost twice as long as usual. Am very please with lines 6 and 8. I think these are keepers! Line 3 is very rough as it was using the days/praise rhyme that line 8 stole in the end!

Lord, make me whole, take control, wake my soul from the slumber that it’s in
I’m going through the motions, tired, unemotional, shake my spirit with a fire burning
Even in the dark times, still gonna bust rhymes, open up my heart there’s a groaning within
It’s time to start, playing my part. Lord impart in me your calling
Who but you can hear all the CRYing, sighing, see the darkness that we’re in
All the injustice, gotta rise above this, bust this, crush this, let freedom win!
Your kingdom come, in the name of the son. Set us free by overcoming sin
At the end of days, we’re all gonna praise, and even a blind man gonna see the king!

Next week’s word: ENVELOPE

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2 thoughts on “Lyrics: CRY

  1. Mel says:

    Sorry about slightly dodgy rhyming:

    They say big boys and girls don’t CRY,
    I don’t think that’s wise and I’ll tell you why –
    Feelings aren’t buried dead, no they’re buried alive,
    Causing damage and pain – making you want to fly,
    To a ‘happy’ life, chasing after the high,
    But you’ll be running forever, ‘cos’ it’s pie in the sky.
    So maybe this saying is better to try:
    A tear in time will save you nine!

  2. Si says:

    well, check you out with your big 8 bars!
    They’re really good baby!

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