Hmm, kinda feel like I’ve slightly missed an opportunity this week. I like the concept of the whole of life being a stage and the last line wrote itself immediately, felt like everything was leading up to that. Maybe I’ll revisit this theme for a full song sometime:

Some say that life’s a stage, is that so really controversial?
In this play, there’s no breaks, no sponsored ad commercial
Don’t like your part? – change your heart and start a role-reversal
‘Cos this is real life – you don’t get no dress REHEARSAL

Next week’s word: DRUG

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4 thoughts on “Lyrics: REHEARSAL

  1. Melanie Ray says:

    This is no REHEARSAL, you’re live on air,
    Everything you say is heard somewehere.
    Mistakes weigh heavy on those who care.
    But you have to accept them and if you dare,
    Learn, move forward, feel the wind in your hair,
    And keep going though it’s tough, you will get there!

  2. Si says:

    Nice lyrics baby!!!
    I like the first 2 lines particularly

  3. Something beautiful, yeah something universal
    I could have made a mess of this but for the big reversal
    Despite the darkness in my heart I’m whi-iter than Persil
    Thank God because, I realise, that life’s not a REHEARSAL!

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