Lyrics: GLOVES

They be supressing and testing, keeping me on the floor
So many questions, obsessions – what you really here for?
time to awaken and shake ’em, let ’em fear the lion roar
the GLOVES – I’m taking them off, now I’m ready for war
I’ve heard your lies, so many times, a thousand or more
But realise I’m on the rise, y’ain’t seen this before
I’ll face the facts, my faith intact, and settle the score
No holding back, I’ll attack – take an axe to your door!

Next weeks word – REHEARSAL


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One thought on “Lyrics: GLOVES

  1. melanie ray says:

    Yeah! – so don’t mess with the Rage!!

    Come on everybody let’s play!
    Take your gloves off and throw ’em away.
    Write down what you got to say,
    And get rapping like Simon Ray!

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